Hayashi Studio

In Hayashi Studio we follow the diverse lives that came to a small town on Vancouver Island in the 1900’s and Senjiro Hayashi the Japanese photographer who took their photos. The photographer Senjiro Hayashi used his lens to document every race, class, gender and age in Cumberland. During internment many of his photos disappear, some…

Pass The Salt

Please to release Pass The Salt to stream! Had an amazing time creating this little movie with Co-Director Panta Mosleh. Find our awards and Accolades below!

36 Questions

When two college friends find themselves in the same city for one night, something sparks, but when they connect a year later, they struggle to make something more. 36 Questions is a romantic dramedy in which two college friends, Andy and Kailey, spend their first night together in a tree house. Sparks fly, but their…


We are proud to release Enter Tribal’s music video, 4 Push Ups! Official Selection at WAMM Film Festival and LA Skins Film Festival! You can see our treatment and information on storyhive and the video here!

TO GO, a short film, a short story, a short espresso

A Film   A Short Story. Jenni didn’t give a fuck. She really didn’t. You don’t come by a cafe two minutes after it’s open and expect a macchiato. Didn’t this asshole understand how long it takes to warm up an espresso machine? It takes fucking time. This wasn’t Starbucks. She told him to wait….